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Print buyers have competing demands for their time. They juggle multiple priorities and projects, some of which can be quite complex, requiring many decisions and levels of approval. Further, print buyers are responsible for meeting deadlines, budgets, and quality standards.

Many try to get it all done by being more efficient. They have the right answer, but then turn to clumsy tools and processes, which really don’t solve the problem. In fact some tools do little more than add to the clutter. For instance, spreadsheets, email and multitasking.

Author and entrepreneur, Gary Kellerman, notes in his book, The One Thing, that to-do lists and scheduling systems alone don’t make you more efficient. Because they keep expanding. And multitasking is a myth. Your brain can’t focus on more than one thing at a time. It switches back and forth between tasks. This actually increases the time required to get things done and produces poorer results.

Kellerman says that the key to exceptional results is focusing a significant amount of time each day on the one thing that will make the biggest difference in achieving your goal. And when you focus on the most important thing and do it well, other things become easier or even unnecessary.

Sounds good, right? If only you had that kind of control over your time. But you can. The right print management software can free up significant time by handling details for you. That puts you in control so you can focus on bigger-picture priorities.

eLynxx Solutions software is designed to help you efficiently manage every stage of both simple and complex projects. For instance, it helps you to write specs by raising the appropriate questions. It helps you get pricing from only your qualified vendors. It automatically routes information to gain approvals, handle change orders, schedule production milestones. It monitors your entire process. And it provides instant reporting on anything and everything you want

In addition, eLynxx software limits the need for meetings, email, phone calls and spreadsheets. It handles things automatically so you are not surrounded by crisis. This puts you in control.

You’ll increase your efficiency by maybe 50 percent, while paying less for print, or getting more for the same dollars spent. This means assured quality and on-time delivery of your direct mail, marketing, commercial print, POP and promotional items.

Kellerman says efficiency isn’t about squeezing more things into the same amount of time. It’s about focusing on the right things. eLynxx Solutions software and services handles print project details so buyers can focus on their most important priorities.

For a demonstration or information, contact info@elynxx.com or 717-709-0990.

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