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eLynxx Solutions Tailoring

“Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants… so long as it is black.” That’s what Henry Ford said about his Model T.

Ford was able to mass-produce cars by being rigid. If you wanted a car in a color other than black you had to go somewhere else. And indeed people did just that. By 1926 competition forced Ford to offer other colors. By 1927 Ford stopped making the Model T altogether.

Ford learned the hard way. Satisfying customer needs is what drives sales. On the flip side, it can be expensive to build and maintain extra features. Especially when some features add value for one customer but not another.

Some software providers follow the Model T guideline. They offer inflexible features. rigid processes and few options. Their software can only meet customer demands after extensive, risky and expensive customization.

As Ford later discovered. There is another way. Software provided by eLynxx Solutions is feature-rich, flexible, robust and is easily tailored to meet 100% of customer needs and requirements. eLynxx software operates the way the customer wants.

Managing the printing supply chain is not easy. It is complex and forever changing. What is needed tomorrow is different than what is needed today. And each job may be different than other jobs. What if you need more than a couple of tweaks to your print management software? What if you need special reporting? What if people in your organization change responsibilities?

That is where eLynxx Solutions software shines. It is like a chameleon. It becomes what a customer wants it to be.

Take direct mail for instance. Projects are complex, multi-faceted, highly specialized, contain numerous requirements, may include a number of vendors who must be coordinated, short deadlines, many milestones, and must be managed without a hitch. Each project is different from each other project. Even down to approval and instant reporting requirements.

There is no time for software customization. Or money for unexpected expenditures for software development.

That’s why eLynxx software is the best. It is designed and built to be easily configured. Quickly tailored. Without IT development.

eLynxx strategy is quite simple. What you want is what you get.

Another way of saying this is to compare customization to tailoring.

Other software requires customization

Customization is necessary when a program is developed for a specific set of circumstances and requirements but isn’t sufficiently flexible to meet the complex and individual needs of various customers

Customization requires writing or rewriting the software program

Customization requires software developers and programmers and can involve many hours and great expense

Customization is often like reinventing the software program

Bottom line: Customization costs time and money

eLynxx is easily tailored

eLynxx tailoring is the toggling on/off of aspects of a software program that has already been developed

eLynxx tailoring is the matching of the already-developed aspects of a software program to the customer’s exact requirements

Bottom line: eLynxx software is easy to operate, easy to tailor, easy to meet changing demands and less expensive

eLynxx Solutions software is the only print management software that’s 100% tailored to the needs of your organization. It’s flexible. It can be tailored to your workflow, milestones, data points, reporting requirements and the way your organization communicates. All without IT involvement.

For a demonstration or information, contact info@elynxx.com or 717-709-0990.

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