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Supply Chain Management from the Vendor’s Point of View

Supply Chain Management in Print - eLynxx Solutions

The sales approach in the print industry tends to be kind of old-school. It’s often product centric versus service, capability and capacity centric. When a vendor sells based on product they may have to find alternatives to preferred materials or processes to get the job done at a given price point. When a vendor sells based on service; efficiency, strategy and satisfying your on-going needs is much more valuable than simply getting jobs done at the right price. The service approach is one that is much more in tune with achieving better results through a strong, well-coordinated marketing supply chain. It is also an approach that vendors are beginning to recognize as mutually beneficial. That’s good news for you!

A recent article by Jennifer Matt in the printing trade newsletter WhatTheyThink? discusses the need for this shift in buyer-vendor relationships. It also points out the importance of having strong coordination, the use of dedicated project management software and the need for transparent tracking. Take a few minutes and check out the original article. It’s an enlightening opportunity to see something so close to home through the eyes of the partners in our marketing supply chains.