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Print Industry in Throes of Consolidation

Are you a print buyer with increasing concerns over the loss, or potential loss, of longtime suppliers? If not, you should be.

RR Donnelley’s success in stopping Courier Corporation’s previously announced merger with Quad/Graphics and acquiring Courier for itself means a victory for Courier’s investors. But what does it mean for Courier’s clients?

Standard Register’s announcement on January 22, 2015 that it has hired Lazard Freres to look at all financial options means that Standard Register could be on the selling block. But what does it mean for its clients? Many of Standard Register’s clients were WorkflowOne clients who just endured the acquisition of WorkflowOne by Standard Register in August 2013.

Or perhaps you are an InnerWorkings client, wondering if InnerWorkings is going to survive the class action securities fraud lawsuit filed against it in February 2014, which continues to put InnerWorkings under a cloud of legal and financial uncertainty?

The print industry has lost over 50 percent of its print suppliers in the last decade. Print buyers have already experienced widespread industry consolidation, fewer supplier choices and market disruption. Now they face the continuing challenge of sourcing and maintaining a base of quality suppliers.

In the midst of this ongoing market turmoil, eLynxx Solutions stands out as the leader in print sourcing and management software, providing the key to safeguarding your supplier base against future loss and disruption.

Stable, secure, and an innovator of marketing technology, eLynxx Solutions has not only adapted, but thrived, in this new environment by providing procurement software purpose-built for custom print.

Whether your primary concern is rebuilding your supplier base, or simply protecting your supplier base in an increasingly shrinking marketplace, eLynxx Solutions offers the most innovative software for strengthening your print marketing supply chain.

Because eLynxx is cloud software it is easy to adopt even in urgent situations. PrintLynxx can be tailored and implemented, providing per-unit cost savings of up to 40% with enhanced supply chain efficiency of 53%, within 30 days.

While the print industry is in the throes of consolidation, concerned print buyers are wise to not only assess their print supply chains, but also consider tools for strengthening and protecting them. If you are ready for a strong, resilient print marketing supply chain that thrives when others falter, the eLynxx Solutions team is ready to help you achieve it.