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Diversifying Your Printer Pool

Wherever you go shopping, do you find yourself typically going to the same store for groceries and daily necessities? Maybe you find yourself depending on its reliability, quality and fair price. What happens when you visit that store and it doesn’t have what you need? Do you have another store in mind?

This process is not a lot different than in buying direct mail, marketing materials and printing. The ability to have back-up suppliers that you know and trust is critical… especially in our fast-paced and technology-driven society, when a direct mail or marketing program delivered late can break an organization.

Far too often in the printing industry, marketing and other buying organizations are reliant on the same vendor each time a project arises. While it can be a good thing to choose a preferred vendor each time a printing project is needed, it is not always guaranteed the preferred vendor will be available or able to meet your requirements. This can be exacerbated, costly and dangerous, when you have a rush project and are stymied with nowhere to turn.

When you are overly reliant on one or even a handful of printers, it’s possible you may not be aware of other options. Organizations can find themselves frantically calling other vendors, sending out dozens of emails, and doing research to figure out which new vendor might be able to help in a pinch. Valuable time and resources can be expended attempting to identify and qualify potential providers that could have otherwise been saved by having developed a deep and well-qualified printer pool all along.

Maintaining a diverse printer pool allows for quick response each and every time regardless of your time and specification requirements. When your first option isn’t available, no problem, you know where to turn.

How can you create a diversified printer pool while being able to maintain your primary printer relationships?

Software provided by eLynxx Solutions provides you with options for building and developing your own vendor pool. This includes your ability to store and sort printer qualifications as well as historical data regarding on-time deliveries, quality concerns and responsiveness to your information requests. And because eLynxx has deep experience in the printing market, we can recommend, if you request, qualified printers for projects where your immediate pool of sources is thin. Of course, all of your information is treated as strictly confidential and stored in our cloud-based software allowing optimum security and ease of use.

We recognize how important it is to you to remain in control and to ensure that your direct mail, marketing materials, promo and printing arrive error-free, on-time and without excuse. eLynxx software can assist you to make sure it happens.

To discover more about how eLynxx can provide you with a software that allows you to continue your relationship with your preferred printers while strengthening your diversified printer pool, visit us today or call us at 717-709-0990 to discover so much more.