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You put time and effort into building a good relationship with your print vendor. You trust each other. Your printer is capable of producing what you need — whether it’s direct mail, marketing materials, promo, signage or POP displays. And your printer delivers your items on time, at the quality level you expect and at the agreed-upon price. 

But it is this very same trusted relationship that can put you at a great disadvantage. Especially when the unexpected happens.

What if…in the midst of producing your print project…your vendor has a problem that prevents its on-time completion? Like a labor strike, equipment failure, loss of electrical power, fire or storm damage, bankruptcy, the uncertainty of a change in ownership. Perhaps theft or vandalism. Maybe one of the printer’s suppliers has a hiccup. Or likely something simple like an employee drops a wrench into the equipment.

It happens. In any given year 20% of businesses experience a flood, fire or other disaster, according to U.S. labor statistics. One-third of businesses don’t have a disaster recovery plan. Your trusted printer may be one of them. 

The 20% skyrockets when you include mishaps like mechanical failures, wrenches falling into equipment, employee injuries and sickness — all the stuff that can and does hold up production. 

Printers don’t talk about these things. Often they rely on finger-crossing in hopes nothing goes wrong. 

But when the need arises, exactly how would you go about finding another qualified vendor? How long can you wait for your print projects? Even if you find a qualified vendor, can you afford the time, cost and energy to get a new vendor up to speed — while your print projects are on hold? Will the new printer have available capacity to produce your project? And what happens to cost when you are in a jam?

Putting all of your eggs in one basket is never a good idea. Your vendor’s disaster doesn’t have to be your disaster as well. 

Here’s an example of how one print buyer overcame an unexpected setback by partnering with eLynxx Solutions. 

The printer upon which the buyer relied was a major hitter with a well-earned national reputation. The buyer awarded the printer a large contract. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to the buyer, the printer was planning to install new equipment. The old equipment was yanked out. Then the new equipment was suddenly and unexpectedly delayed. The printer was stuck. The buyer was in panic mode. This was the buyer’s major fall program that could make or break the company. There was no way that the printer could fulfill the huge contract by the deadline. The buyer couldn’t find other printers willing to contract for the work either. It was their busy time of the year. 

Here’s what happened next. 

The buyer called eLynxx Solutions. 

As soon as the buyer called, eLynxx went to work. eLynxx maintains a database of about 20,000 printers across the USA and Canada. Many have been qualified on behalf of print buyers who subscribe to the eLynxx software offering. 

The first day, qualified printers capable of producing the project were identified, approved by the buyer and contacted by eLynxx. 

The second day, eLynxx worked around the clock. A trimmed-down version of the eLynxx software system was tailored and made ready to put in place for the buyer. 

The third day, eLynxx set up the software system for the buyer. Those printers with immediate open capacity, and who were approved by the buyer, were put into the software system and sent a full set of specifications and other details. 

Prices were back through the system by the morning of the fourth day and awards were made. The copy was automatically dispersed on the software. 

Over the next ten days the buyer closely monitored the project through the software. Milestones, proofing, press checks, quality, printing, bindery and logistics were all carefully watched and reported through the software. 

By the end of two weeks from the initial call, the entire project was delivered by the vendors that the buyer had chosen. it was on time, exactly as specified, at the quality expected, and at a lower price than it was originally contracted. 

This large multimillion-dollar project wasn’t saved by a miracle. Rather it was entrusted to the experience, services and proven software of eLynxx Solutions — software that automates communication, manages milestones from beginning to end, instantly reports, and significantly cuts project management time. It eliminates spreadsheets, time-wasting emails and excessive phone calls. 

The software and services provided by eLynxx turned this business-threatening nightmare into just another day at the office. 

eLynxx software can help you reliably and affordably procure your printed materials in the same way — fast, efficiently, cost-effectively and in a buyer-friendly environment. 

eLynxx software works with your vendors, the printers you know and trust. eLynxx can also make its resources available. This includes eLynxx histories of qualified vendors for inclusion in your private vendor pool, should you wish. So when disaster strikes (as it does when least expected), you are armed with the most powerful tools and services available anywhere. 

There’s no reason any more to put all your eggs in one basket. 

And no one should have to fight a dragon alone. 

Contact info@elynxxsolutions.com for a free demo.

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