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The Importance of Change in Print Procurement

Changes in an industry, process, job, or even your lifestyle can be stress-inducing. This is especially true when the outcome is unknown and possibly negative. Over a long time we work ourselves into a routine, for better or worse, then we fear anything that disrupts our day-to-day habits. After all, change is disruptive and uncomfortable. Yet, it’s that change that can drive improvement, growth and expanded profitability. Our practice of print procurement and management of marketing related materials are not exceptions.

For example, take the effect of digitization on the print procurement and management of direct mail, marketing materials, store signage, promo and printing. Planning, creating, requisitioning, purchasing, just in-time services, and distribution are all part of a process that’s rapidly speeding up with digital methods. 

These items can no longer languish in a warehouse in anticipation of usage that may or may not occur. Organizations can no longer afford to buy huge quantities of product only to eventually write off unused inventories. And marketing programs need to be immediately responsive to take better advantage of market opportunities.  

Organizations can’t rely on back and forth, time-consuming conversations where misunderstandings cost time and money. Phone and in-person meetings for weeks on end are old fashioned and as slow as molasses in January.  

Yet there are those organizations that still drag their feet and discover themselves increasingly behind the eight-ball. This is not for lack of trying. But inertia is hard to overcome, and change is truly frightening.  The wrong turn can be expensive and deadly to the future of an organization. 

Yet, no change produces no change. No increase in productivity, time to market, new opportunities, or cost savings. So how do you make a good decision when it comes to adopting the right digital workflow and digital print procurement that limits risk? 

For over 40 years, eLynxx Solutions has been the leader in innovation for change procurement and supply chain processes. The reason for success where others have failed is a matter of accomplishment. The software is easy to use, and produces real, measurable results as well as cost savings.  

So how do you benefit? One click technology, proven processes, cloud-based software, caring and knowledgeable people, ease of use, doing things the way you want them done… and the best part is taking the fear out of change. 

eLynxx Solutions‘ software helps to secure your future and make print procurement easier.