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Software Choices: Purpose-Built or General Use

Providing your organization with the right kind of resources is important to its long-term growth. When it comes to resources, especially technology and software, the number of options and approaches can – and should – lead to many questions. One of the most important questions is whether to invest aggressively in specialized initiatives with higher benefit or opt for what seems like a less expensive approach that should get the job done?

In the past, general-use, off-the-shelf software that appeared to be able to meet multiple needs seemed to be the popular choice. With an ever more complex commerce environment and the need to stay ahead of competition staring us all in the face, organizations are wise to seek solutions that specifically address the needs of a particular function rather than settle for what can be squeezed from an office suite.

Why Should You Consider Investing in Purpose-Built Software?

Purpose-built software has the reputation of being expensive. However the precision, efficiency and better results it provides can ensure long-term growth. When you stop to think about the time and energy that is expended on trying to customize – or more often than not, rig – common software to do something it wasn’t really designed for, it becomes clear just how much of a value purpose-built software is. Rather, it the days that it takes to build complex spreadsheets or code your own software, you could have software that is built for the job up and running with increased effectiveness and efficiency.

Technical Efficiency

If software can’t help with a task at hand without being tweaked the task is obviously more complex of a function than the software is built for. If you do not have a program that can truly handle the technicalities and complexities of the project and its environment, you may fail to generate the expected results.

Save Time

Using software that wasn’t designed for the function which you are using it can waste a lot of time – and as Ben Franklin was fond of saying – time is money! If, for instance, you are using spreadsheets manage marketing material projects, you may have to enter redundant information, create specialized formulas and spend time building sheets with highly complex custom configuration. Software that is built especially for managing and sourcing marketing material projects will allow you to simply enter information once and achieve the proper functionality with a click.

Competitive Advantage

If you are efficient in your process, you have a competitive advantage. For example, if you are using software that is appropriate for specialized supply chains like print and marketing, you can go to market faster and with less cost resulting in improved return on marketing investment. Other functional areas that are connected to your print supply chain will also benefit from the increased efficiency the right tool brings to the table.

Increased Productivity

Software that is built specifically for a particular kind of project will almost always give the best possible insight on progress and status. When you and your team are able to accurately keep track of projects accurately, you can work faster and smarter, achieving greater productivity without working harder.

Purpose-built software also tends to be more adaptable to your particular needs while still providing error-free results and task-specific functionality.

Traditionally there have been few organizations that address the significance of function-specific software, but once they do, they find the results to be priceless. Why not make today the day that your organization takes the step towards better results?

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