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Lynx Versus eLynxx: It’s No Contest

What’s the difference between a lynx and eLynxx? They have more in common than you might think, but one of them wins paws-down.

There are four species of the big cat: Canada lynx, Eurasian lynx, Iberian lynx, bobcat.

There’s only one eLynxx, the leading innovator of software and services that connect buyers and producers of graphic communication, direct mail, marketing, point of purchase, publications, labeling, packaging and all printed materials.

Score: The uniqueness point goes to eLynxx

The lynx is hard to reach: It inhabits high altitude northern forests of North America, Europe, and Asia.

eLynxx Solutions is never hard to reach: It is headquartered in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, but its enterprise-level, cloud-based software can be easily accessed from anywhere by print buyers of all stripes.

Score: The accessibility point goes to eLynxx

The lynx is elusive: The stealthy cat avoids humans, sleeps during the day, and hunts at night, so it’s rarely seen.

Our staff of print procurement, marketing, and technology experts is easy to find and communicate with. eLynxx staff are always available electronically or by phone to meet customer needs. Further, eLynxx staff never sleep during the day.

Score: The customer service point goes to eLynxx

The lynx is best known for its keen vision. 

Its name comes from the Greek word leukos meaning bright, which is a reference to its eyes. According to mythology, it sees what others can’t, and its role is to reveal hidden truths. (Technical spec: It can spot a mouse at 250 feet.)

eLynxx is also known for its unrivaled vision, in the print industry. eLynxx dates back to the early 1970s, when a far-sighted print industry veteran, Bill Gindlesperger, envisioned and developed a better way to link buyers of marketing materials with vendors. eLynxx’s patented methodology and proprietary software removes the hassles from print buying, and provides optimum efficiency while saving money.

As for spotting rodents at a distance, eLynxx doesn’t do mice unless they’re of the computer variety.

Score: The point for extraordinary vision goes to eLynxx

The lynx is known for its adaptability to a variety of climates. 

It’s designed to function in the toughest conditions: extreme cold and snow, with minimal shelter and a limited food supply.

For more than 40 years, eLynxx’s simple-to-use, but highly sophisticated software has proven its adaptability to tough, ever-changing print industry conditions, as well as to the changing needs of customers. Meanwhile other print services providers have come and gone — or been swallowed up by bigger cats with insatiable appetites for profit but little interest in individual customers’ needs.

Score: The staying-power point goes to eLynxx

The lynx is agile, able to climb trees, swim, and walk in deep snow.

eLynxx software is agile too. We make a point of learning about our individual customers’ workflows and needs, then tailor our software to help them achieve maximum efficiency and cost savings for their operations. And we invite and implement clients’ ideas for making eLynxx better.

Score: The agility point goes to eLynxx

The lynx punches above its weight class.

Iberian lynx commonly hunt prey three or four times their size. They can even kill reindeer.

eLynxx software and service compete and win against companies several times our size (or of any size), because our products, service, and deep print expertise — developed over decades — are second to none.

Score: The competition point goes to eLynxx

Finally, the lynx is good-looking.

eLynxx software — PrintLynxx, PrintGizmo — is also good-looking: It’s elegant and designed for ease of use as well as efficiency. You don’t need a week of instruction to use it — you can get right to work with it on day one.

Score: Although the lynx is indeed handsome and functional, the point for looks goes to eLynxx.

In summary, both the lynx and eLynxx are in a class by themselves. But if you’re a print buyer in search of optimal efficiency, cost savings, and expertise, there’s only one cat for you — eLynxx. Contact us at info@eLynxx,com, 717-709-0990.

Final score: Lynx, 0; eLynxx, 8

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