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Best Quality, Service and Price – Get All Three: Introduction

No doubt you would love to receive the best quality, fastest delivery and lowest price for your print projects. Yet, conventional wisdom says only two of the three on any given job can be obtained. After all, increasing quality and speeding up delivery certainly does not drive the price down. So, how can you achieve all three?

Procurement Software is Not Efficient for Print Jobs

Most procurement software tools and methods focus on pricing and placing orders for off-the-shelf items, but print materials involve much more detail. These details include specialized print job specifications as well as pre- and post-production management and communication. Consequently, typical procurement methods and tools fail to produce the best results when applied to custom print materials.

Print Jobs Require More

When a custom print order is placed, it must be custom-manufactured to meet the buyer’s specifications. These specifications, along with planning for distribution, logistics, timing, budgeting, approvals and creative, must be addressed before pricing can be obtained. Vendors also need to be identified and qualified for each project. Everything that occurs after pricing is critical to the successful completion of the project.

Management of pre- and post-production details either make or break the quality and service in a custom printing project. These same details also have a tremendous impact upon achieving the best possible price.

ERPs and general procurement systems are not designed to handle and manage print jobs. The key to breaking the iron triangle to achieve the best quality, the fastest service and the lowest possible price is software that is specifically built to handle print job details.

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