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Highly Regulated Health Insurance Sector Saves Average of 40%

Print remains a heavily used channel of communication in the health insurance sector. This is because of the highly regulated, personal and official nature of healthcare information. At the same time, there is always pressure to control cost and maximize efficiency. So how does this business section save on print production?

“Health insurance companies rely heavily on printed communication, such as direct mail,” says Nathan Rotz, CEO of eLynxx Solutions. “These communications are quite complex, involve personalization, and require a high level of security and compliance because of sensitive information. Such needs can add substantial costs to a campaign. Reducing per-unit cost of printed communication materials and increasing efficiency makes a positive impact on a healthcare insurer’s bottom line.”

This positive impact on the bottom line is why leaders in the healthcare insurance sector turn to eLynxx Solutions. eLynxx software is built specifically for sourcing and managing print production. It provides the highest possible level of efficiency and coordination to companies that need to prioritize security and compliance. eLynxx users across all business sectors achieve per-unit cost savings of 40% on custom printed materials. Efficiency is increased by an average of 53%.

The efficiency and savings achieved through eLynxx isn’t limited to the health insurance industry. eLynxx Solutions also helps organizations in education, financial, manufacturing, technology, nonprofit, logistics among others get better results from a traditionally hard-to-control area of operational spending. With eLynxx, you can achieve the best possible price, quality and service on custom-printed materials while retaining control through your own people, processes and vendors.