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Industries We Work With

Print marketing agencies.
University print procurement.
Print Resellers
Print Brokers
Direct Mail Agency
Print Corporations
Dell Technologies
Trex Corporation
University of Pittsburgh
Office Depot and Office Max
Citi Bank

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Our print Commerce-as-a-Solution (CaaS), streamlines the print procurement process, improves efficiencies and reduces costs. We offer two cloud applications: PrintGizmo & PrintLynxx.


  • PrintGizmo makes it easy to organize print quotes, orders, branded stores, job statuses, communications and reports. Your customers, admins, resellers and vendors each have individualized dashboards.

  • PrintLynxx facilitates print estimates, orders, job tasks, communications and reports. Your admins and vendors each have their own dashboard.

Our solution sources and manages jobs such as direct mail, marketing materials, promotional, signage and anything else that requires ink.

  • Click-to-Buy or Custom Quote
  • Marketplace or StoreFront
  • Customize, Create or Design
  • Workflow Management
  • Connects Team Members
  • Customized Reports

Easy to use solutions. PrintGizmo and PrintLynxx improve efficiencies, communication and reduce print costs.

Makes it easy to organize print quotes, orders, branded stores, job statuses, communications and reports. Your customers, admins, resellers and vendors each have individualized dashboards.
        • Catalog and custom ordering
        • Marketplace with store-front
        • Brand control, coordination
        • Create products, designs
        • Customize, order, fulfill
        • Easy design studio




Empowers you to harness complexities of large-scale, highly-customized and critical print projects.



  • Print Marketing, Direct Mail
  • Single job, project, campaign
  • Workflow management
  • Connects team members
  • Custom report builder
  • Quality, service milestones

Revamp your printing experience! Say goodbye to hassle and hello to efficiency.

Commerce-as-a-Service that integrates

CaaS is a cost-effective solution for brands looking to streamline their business operations. Similar to Software as a Service (SaaS), CaaS shifts business data and computing to the cloud, giving your brand an easy to use, familiar front-end. Businesses can keep up with technology without the need for high costs, putting the worries of back-end functionalities such as print procurement, specification management, inventory and security on a third-party provider. With print CaaS you can focus on managing your print and promotional marketing material, while enjoying the benefits of a low-cost cloud software that fully integrates.

Making the complex easy

Empower your print business with a solution that streamlines the complexities of your large-scale, customized print projects. Tailored to your print management workflow, you can easily collaborate with your trusted vendors, manage jobs, and seamlessly execute print campaigns. Connect with team members and leverage custom report builders to track quality and service milestones. Say goodbye to the pain points of print marketing and direct mail, and hello to a more efficient and effective print management solution.

Print buyers and print broker, print solutions software

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