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Rich Scotti

Rich Scotti
Director of Product and Brand Management

About Rich Scotti

Experience Plus Innovation

In his role as director of product and brand management for eLynxx, Rich Scotti guides the growth of new offerings, the ongoing adaptation of existing products and the eLynxx brand.

Rich exemplifies two things that make eLynxx unique: a decades-long commitment to meeting the needs of print buyers with cutting-edge, customized print management software and services; and deep experience in the print industry.

‘Everything that makes its way into eLynxx software is 100% about helping our clients stay ahead of the curve in print procurement,’ Rich says. “It’s something that we’ve been doing for well over 40 years, starting with the very first software created for print buyers, to our latest innovation that brings the ease and familiarity of online marketplace shopping to a process that can be complex and often misunderstood.”

His greatest satisfaction comes from “solving problems by being able to see the big picture through its details.”

Rich has been with eLynxx since 2012, and brings to eLynxx clients 25 years’ experience in creation, planning, execution and buying of printed materials.

“Aside from managing many millions of dollars’ worth of print projects,” he notes, “I have worked for a major, multinational print conglomerate (Taylor Corporation) where I played instrumental roles in the growth and success of a web-to-print brand that was highly — and disruptively — successful in its marketplace.”

eLynxx combines print experience with innovation, providing value that clients soon recognize.

“Pushing the limits of how print is bought and what software can do is nothing new around here,” Rich says. “But what is most exciting to see is how many different ways it is put to use by different clients of all shapes and sizes.”

“My favorite eLynxx success stories are the ones where clients begin using our software and services to gain control over one thing like cost, quality or speed, then promptly discover that they really can achieve the best mix of all three.”

Rich earned B.A. and M.S. degrees from Shippensburg University. Prior to joining eLynxx he led the communications initiatives of online printer 123Print and held communications leadership roles in the manufacturing, non-profit, broadcasting and entertainment industries.

Besides eLynxx, his passions are “My family, advocacy for children and adults with autism, helping prepare youth to achieve well-rounded success as a Scout Leader, historic preservation, enjoying the outdoors, listening to music, reading and working on antique cars.”

What he wishes more print buyers knew about eLynxx
“Our clients get so much more than just a great product — they get a total commitment to their print buying success that includes decades of experience and insight into the world of print and direct mail production and management.”