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Partnering with eLynxx Solutions

A Path to Print Procurement Success

    Industries We Work With

    Print marketing agencies.
    University print procurement.
    Print Resellers
    Print Brokers
    Direct Mail Agency
    Print Corporations
    Dell Technologies
    Trex Corporation
    University of Pittsburgh
    Office Depot and Office Max
    Citi Bank

    Third-party integrations with:

    Oracle and PrintGizmo
    Smartsheet and PrintGizmo
    ASi ESP and PrintGizmo
    Peoplesoft and PrintGizmo
    Jagger and PrintGizmo
    Twilio and PrintGizmo
    USPS and PrintGizmo
    HubSpot and PrintGizmo
    UPS and PrintGizmo
    Salesforce and PrintGizmo
    FedEx and PrintGizmo
    Quickbooks and PrintGizmo
    Zapier and PrintGizmo
    The challenges of a print procurement manager.

    Print Procurement Challenges?
    We've Got Solutions.

    Print procurement managers are vital for businesses that rely on printed materials. But navigating the ever-changing print landscape can be tough. Here are the top challenges you face, and how PrintGizmo and/or PrintLynxx can help.

    Challenges: Outdated on tech? Balancing cost & quality? Finding reliable vendors? Going green? Inconsistent prints? Tight deadlines? Internal communication gaps? Digital disconnect?

    How PrintGizmo and PrintLynxx Make Print Procurement Easier

    Streamlines the print procurement process, improves efficiencies and reduces costs. Let’s take a look at these two cloud applications: PrintGizmo & PrintLynxx.

    PrintGizmo makes it easy to organize print quotes, orders, branded stores, job statuses, communications and reports. Your customers, admins, resellers and vendors each have individualized dashboards.

    PrintLynxx facilitates print estimates, orders, job tasks, communications and reports. Your admins and vendors each have their own dashboard.

    Our solution sources and manages jobs such as direct mail, marketing materials, promotional, signage and anything else that requires ink.

    • Click-to-Buy or Custom Quote
    • Marketplace or StoreFront
    • Customize, Create or Design
    • Workflow Management
    • Connects Team Members
    • Customized Reports
    • Catalog and custom ordering
    • Brand control, coordination
    • Easy design studio

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    PrintGizmo print procurement software

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    From the workflow of the original quote request to placing an order.

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    PrintGizmo print procurement software

    Print Vendors / In-Plants /Print Shops

    Boosting revenue growth, streamline workflows, and improve efficiencies for your print business.

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