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Einstein Didn’t Fail Math Either. Sorry.

Does everyone know Einstein’s definition of insanity?

It’s repeating the same misattributed quote over and over again as if Google doesn’t exist.

What A Fine Tongue Einstein Had

Page 474 of The Ultimate Quotable Einstein says the insanity quote originates on page 68 of Sudden Death a novel by Rita Mae Brown published in 1983. I checked. You can see it here. One of the characters in the book attributes the quote to a person named Jane Fulton.

But then, on Quora and Wikipedia, I see mention of how the quote may have originated with either Narcotics Anonymous or Alcoholics Anonymous.

Let’s just agree it was said by someone anonymous. But not Einstein.

Anonymous providers are fine when sourcing ornaments for insipid rhetoric, but when it comes to custom print, the buyers eLynxx works with want to know their vendors. Putting aside the overhead associated with buying print through brokers, our clients value direct relationships. Reliable printers, who know their buyer’s business, and keep them up-to-date on relevant technologies, know how mushy some print buyers can sound talking about them. It’s cute.

And because the PrintLynxx allows print buyers to “trust but verify,” print buyers cultivate direct relationships while achieving the transparency, control, and superior business results to ward off the print management firms their bosses might meet on a golf course.

They might see us on the golf course too, but we’re #teamprintbuyer. You’re safe with us.


“Trust but verify.” Who said that? T. Thomas Fortune? Fydor Dostoyevsky? Ada Lovelace?

To Google!