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Debbie Snider

Debbie Snider
Senior Vice President

About Debbie Snider

Building Lasting Relationships

eLynxx Senior Vice President Debbie Snider takes pride in the fact that today’s eLynxx customers include third- and fourth-generation owners of family businesses that she first began working with in eLynxx’s early days.

They’re a sign of just how successful she has been over 37 years at listening to customers, identifying their needs and determining how eLynxx print buyers’ software and expert service can help.

Also, the ability to keep customers through the generations underscores the value of eLynxx’s products and services. You don’t stick with a company for decades if it’s not meeting your needs and exceeding your expectations.

In her formal role as senior VP, Debbie is responsible for sales and service to help build, grow and maintain eLynxx clients in its software client base.

Early on, she says she learned the importance of listening: “I quickly build rapport to gain trust because I listen first. I am known as a relationship builder and enjoy helping others to find a solution to their problems or concerns. I am often told by clients they feel like they have known me forever. I learned long ago that you first must sell yourself before you can sell anything.”

Every day Debbie puts her 35 years of expertise to work for eLynxx clients, for instance by helping corporate clients implement eLynxx software to improve their operational efficiency and reduce costs.

Founder and Chairman Bill Gindlesperger notes: “Debbie is well known throughout the graphic arts, print, procurement and software arenas and has built a network of satisfied customers who often sing her praises. She’s a great representation of the heart and soul of our firm — honesty, integrity and customer satisfaction.”

Debbie is a graduate of Central Penn Business College with a degree in specialized business. She applied her skills at internationally recognized heavy equipment manufacturer JLG Industries before coming to eLynxx in 1984.

With Debbie, her family is paramount. She says: “God has blessed me with an awesome husband, son, daughter, daughter-in-law, son-in-law and our grandchildren. I love spending time with family, friends and our chocolate lab Libby. Whether it is physical help, breaking bread together, listening, offering encouragement or just relaxing together, it is what I like to do. I love the outdoors to explore new things and places, especially the Smoky Mountains in N.C. If you keep the right order and balance in your life with God-Family-Work, you have everything you need, and life is good!”

What she wishes more print buyers knew about eLynxx
“We have been here for the long haul — we aren’t going away and are ready to serve their needs in this space if they will allow us the opportunity to share the eLynxx offering with them.

“eLynxx clients quickly fall in love when they begin to work with the eLynxx team. And that is why we have been able to grow so many long-term clients over the years. We can help their chaotic print buying world to become so much easier with very little effort on their part to make it happen. They need to try us to experience the difference.”