Marketing Efficiency

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PrintLynxx places you at the hub of project control. It eases management of schedules, staff, agencies and vendors, so you get more from marketing resources and budget.

Eliminates Spreadsheets

Say goodbye to managing projects with confusing and complex spreadsheets and endless back and forth emails. PrintLynxx strengthens the coordination of all project specs, steps, details and data in one place with consistency and efficient communication. Collaboration between marketing roles and connection with colleagues outside of the department is seamless and automated without the hassles of phone calls, voice mails and ad hoc meetings.

Improves Access

Stop chasing down files, forms and assets for every project that comes down the road. PrintLynxx puts all of the information you and your colleagues need – from creative to final delivery – at your fingertips. Best of all, rights and roles access to creative files, specifications, brand assets, contract information, accounting details, business requirements and more, ensures the right information is in the right hands without added clutter.

Boosts Quality and Service

Never worry about the quality of your marketing materials or the service you get from the vendors producing them again. Precision specifications, objective vendor qualification and selection coupled with automated production milestone monitoring ensure quality and timeliness with no excuses. When you use PrintLynxx and our optional competitive sourcing method you gain the best combination of quality, service and price.

Improves ROI, Reach and Impact

Per-unit savings of up to 40% enjoyed by many eLynxx clients improve return on marketing investment. These savings work to stretch budgets, reach deeper into audiences with existing campaigns, expand the impact of messages and finance emerging channels, technologies and techniques. PrintLynxx helps you strengthen your marketing supply chain to deliver optimal return on your marketing investment.

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