Why You Need PrintLynxx

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PrintLynxx builds efficiency of up to 53% and per unit cost savings of up to 40% while empowering your people, strengthening your processes and using your own trusted vendors. No other offering can match these benefits.

Save Time – Up to 53%

PrintLynxx provides transparency and reporting of specifications, vendors, communication, performance, accounting requirements and all other data points. Details are indelibly entered and reported to allow for objective decision making.

Save Money – Up to 40%

Our exclusive competitive method provides up to a 40% per unit cost savings in a way that is beneficial to both you and your vendors. PrintLynxx provides all of the tools you need to gain full control over the complex area of print sourcing and management.

Less Headaches

PrintLynxx equips your team to manage direct mail, marketing, packaging and other print related projects efficiently and without the pain of spreadsheets, phone calls and disruptive meetings. PrintLynxx puts information at your fingertips instantly.

Be The Hero

By recommending PrintLynxx, your team can be armed with the power to increase reach without increasing budget. Because PrintLynxx works with your people, processes and vendors critical marketing programs are never compromised.

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