Transforms Complexity

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Chaotic. That’s the word we hear when people describe getting all of a project’s team members, documents, tasks,  communications and dependencies in synch to make everything work as planned.  

Only PrintLynxx is built to account for all of a the necessary moving parts of your projects and address them as required by your workflow. PrintLynxx transforms chaotic complexity into clockwork-smooth efficiency that keeps you in control without all of the headaches.

Clear Budgeting and Scheduling

PrintLynxx clearly delineates between budgeting, estimating and final pricing to simplify the establishment of accurate financial numbers. Our software automates schedule building, establishes proofing workflows and outlines delivery and distribution requirements across multiple vendors and distribution points.

Hassle-Free Requests for Pricing

PrintLynxx automatically routes uniform requests for pricing to your qualified vendors. Responses are securely routed back and documented. Authorized personnel may execute the purchase order with a single click, or pricing information can be routed through your approval process eliminating fragmented communication.

Smoother Sourcing

Whether through competitive pricing, negotiation or direct contract; PrintLynxx turns time-consuming, hassle-filled sourcing tasks into a precise, convenient and efficient operation. You will obtain the quality you demand, in the time you require and at the low price you seek.

Connect Specs to Capability

By objectively qualifying your vendors and establishing project specifications, you set the groundwork for automated vendor identification. When using our optional competitive method, PrintLynxx will automatically identify which of your vendors’ capabilities and qualifications match your specifications.

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