Reduce Costs

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What could you accomplish squeezed 40% more out of every dollar you invest in print?

PrintLynxx is the only software proven to drive a significant reduction in per-unit cost of print and direct mail. It’s users reinvest that savings in greater market reach or turn it into additional initiatives. Best of all is the fact that you don’t have to sacrifice quality, service or the trust you have in your vendors.

Take Your Budget Further

Only PrintLynxx produces cost savings of up to 40%. By reducing per-unit costs of your print materials, you maximize return on your print investment. You can use the savings gain greater market coverage or you can reinvest it in other initiatives.

No Loss of Quality, Service or Trust

If whoever wrote that old adage “Quality, Service or Price…Pick Two” had been using PrintLynxx, they would have never written it. Because you use the vendors you know and trust, just in a more efficient environment where their qualifications are matched to your specs, you achieve the best possible mix of quality, service and price.

Supports Sourcing Alternatives

Proven to achieve up to 40% per-unit cost savings, our exclusive sourcing method is the only method designed for the print and marketing supply chain. Even when using other sourcing methods, PrintLynxx builds collaboration, reduces complexity, enables control and increases operational efficiency by up to 53%.

Clear Change Order Management

PrintLynxx creates an environment where costly change orders are rare. Transparent, documented specifications and communications, along with automatically prompted action items, eliminate the potential for misunderstandings and schedule delays.

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