Improves Control

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The number of things happening in a process is directly related to how much control is required. Given everything that goes on in print planning and acquisition, there’s a lot of control to be worried about.

PrintLynxx offers you the advantage of knowing that every step, task, decision and dependency of each and every project has been scheduled, recorded, communicated and reported. Progress is monitored against milestones. Team members are prompted for action while specs, creative and other assets are routed automatically.


Built-In Auditable Accountability

Transparent, efficient communication and automated capture of information means control blends with your process instead of getting in the way of it. With a record of every action across all functions, internal and external, PrintLynxx provides across the board accountability and a complete audit trail that’s safely and easily accessible.

Comprehensive Data Access

PrintLynxx provides controlled access to operational, qualitative and fiscal data associated with creative, procurement, personnel, production and payment and vendor activities. Standard reports are instantly available for download, review and analysis and custom reports can be created for just about anything.

Easy Financial Compliance

PrintLynxx measures and monitors financial activity and compliance with your fiscal terms while keeping your team members informed and connected. Our software can be integrated with ERP, procurement, finance, accounting and accounts payable software.

Built-In Policy Administration

You can rest assured that every project managed through PrintLynxx will be in full compliance with your organizational policies, rules, regulations, terms and conditions. From forms and notices of non-objective requirements, to certification and business status initiatives, compliance is ensured.

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