Enables Collaboration

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With all of the people, tasks, information and deadlines involved in your projects, the smallest detail in collaboration can mean the difference between success and catastrophe.

PrintLynxx enables collaboration by connecting team members and coordinating workflows. It automates schedules and prompts for tasks and decisions to strengthen commonly weak links in the marketing supply chain.  With PrintLynxx, strategic connections get information, assets, requirements and knowledge directly to the right people at the right time to help them get their jobs done with efficiency and ease.

In your marketing supply chain. Information flows with ease, from creative to delivery with team members coordinated and connected.

End-To-End Collaboration

Whether you have an in-house creative department, external resources, or both, PrintLynxx provides a formal means for collaboration among the people who create your marketing and communication materials and those who approve, produce, distribute, implement and pay for the project.

Spec and Asset Management

PrintLynxx ensures consistency between creative vision and final output. We provide intuitive tools for sharing and delivery of creative and brand assets. Templates, wizards and archives make writing perfect specifications simple. Workflow automation puts specifications in the right hands at the right time.

Automated and Connected

When staff members are sick or absent, a file is misplaced or an email goes unread, you are forced to redo work and duplicate effort. With PrintLynxx, business continues without interruption. Because all team members are connected, tasks are easily re-routed to designated team members.

The Right Info in the Right Hands

Ensuring that specifications, creative files, brand assets and distribution data are where they need to be, when they need to be, is critical to achieving an efficient, successful project. PrintLynxx facilitates the proper flow of information while providing a window into progress, action and decision making .

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