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PrintLynxx is used in the marketing supply chain to link, communicate, coordinate and control a myriad of complex activities. These include creative and approvals, specification writing, estimating and planning, scheduling, final pricing, cost control and budget management, resource allocation, stakeholder collaboration and communication, decision-making, production milestone monitoring, quality management and compliance, acceptance, change orders and final payment as well as administrative system interface.

Is PrintLynxx just for marketing print projects?

The overwhelming majority of custom print used by organizations is for communication in the form of marketing materials. These materials include, but are not limited to: direct mail, collateral materials, point of purchase and other displays, signage and promotional items. PrintLynxx, however, may be used to manage and execute any custom print project including publications, packaging, forms and any other form of physical, graphic communication.

What are marketing resources?

Marketing resources are all of the people involved in bringing a marketing project or initiative to life. This includes, but is not limited to: marketing roles such as researchers, strategists, brand or product managers, creatives, buyers, vendors, production managers, distributors and analysts.

How does PrintLynxx maximize marketing resources?

PrintLynxx maximizes marketing resources by providing tools for streamlined, more efficient management and execution of marketing print projects that allow people to accomplish more with greater ease in less time.

What is marketing effectiveness?

Marketing effectiveness is a measure of the quality of how marketers optimize spending to achieve desired results. It is essentially return on marketing investment.

How does PrintLynxx enhance marketing effectiveness?

On average, PrintLynxx users experience a reduction in per-unit cost of over 40% and an increase in operational efficiency of over 50%. Our software directly improves return on marketing investment.   and execution of marketing print projects that allow people to accomplish more with greater ease in less time.

What is marketing print operations?

Marketing print operations is a subset of the business function known as marketing operations that is focused on printed marketing communications.

Marketing operations is a modern and still emerging business function that is responsible for and concerned with performance of marketing initiatives and measuring marketing effectiveness. Common areas of focus include, but are not limited to, management of digital or marketing assets, management of marketing resources, development and management of project processes and workflows, marketing automation and execution of plans and projects.

How does PrintLynxx aid in marketing print operations?

PrintLynxx incorporates tools for management of project workflows, management of digital assets, management of communication among marketing resources, automation of time-consuming manual tasks, performance monitoring and deep analysis specifically for printed marketing and sales collateral projects.   It empowers the execution of marketing print projects that allow people to accomplish more with greater ease in less time.

What is the marketing supply chain?

The marketing supply chain is the network of resources, partners, vendors and service providers that an organization relies upon when executing a marketing initiative that involves physical, visual communication like print.

Unlike general supply chains, the goods and services produced by the marketing supply chain are always unique, made to order on specification and require highly specialized skills and techniques.

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