Quality Assurance

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PrintLynxx helps assure that your standards of quality and performance are satisfied by each of your vendors on an ongoing basis.

PrintLynxx provides the ability to establish and continually evaluate the capabilities, quality levels and performance of your vendors. Once objectively qualified, you can make vendor decisions based on standards that ensure compatibility between project and vendor, as well as assure that your expectations for quality are met.

Precise Specifications

PrintLynxx makes creating the perfect specifications for each project easy. Wizards, templates, digital management of brand assets and access to previous specifications ensure that you will always have bullet-proof specifications with minimal hassle.

Consistent Tracking

PrintLynxx shows, with clarity and transparency, which steps and tasks in the process have been completed and when they were completed. PrintLynxx tracks all project details, including tasks, files, proofs, milestones, change orders, quality and quantity with the same consistency and clarity.

Quality Assured

PrintLynxx measures and tracks vendor performance, responsiveness, quality and timeliness of each project. This allows you to make objective comparisons of quality and efficiency across vendors and projects. PrintLynxx gives you the advantage of assurance that low priced vendors can meet your quality and service expectations.

Project Archives

The communications, actions, vendor performance and final outcome of every project managed with PrintLynxx are indelibly recorded and available for instant access. Reports drawing from the complete record of steps, decisions, discussions and determination of quality and service for each project may be generated as needed.

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