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Trust plays an important role in choosing who will produce your printed materials. That is why PrintLynxx is designed to work with the vendors you know and trust.

PrintLynxx is vendor neutral and fosters mutually beneficial relationships with your vendors. It optimizes use of vendor qualifications, capabilities and innovations to ensure the best combination of quality, service and price.

With PrintLynxx  you take advantage of the marketplace without taking advantage of your vendors.

Perfects Communication

PrintLynxx replaces emails, spreadsheets and disruptive meetings with a clear channel of automated communication. It provides vendors with buyer controlled access and visibility to information. Communication keeps moving even when members are absent and alerts ensure that actions are taken on-time.

Reduces Misunderstandings

With PrintLynxx each detail is properly captured and communicated. This keeps the thousands of details in a print, direct mail or promotional project from becoming confused or misdirected. Examples include specifications, branding, creative, preflighting, changes, packaging, labeling, distribution, logistics and invoicing.

Strengthens Relationships

PrintLynxx helps you create an environment where qualifications, capabilities and production availability are the basis for strong and fair relationships with your vendors. Increases in efficiency and foolproof RFPs benefit you andyour vendors. Project status is transparent and approval of any change orders is mutual.

Minimizes Rework

PrintLynxx enables detailed communication and automated follow-up that eliminate misqueues. Features include incomplete specification notification, milestone tracking, brand compliance and proofing. PrintLynxx manages the minute details, keeps you and your vendors up-to-date, and gives you more time to work on other initiatives.

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