Empowers Your People

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PrintLynxx empowers each and every person within your marketing supply chain with the tools to do their jobs easier, faster and with more positive impact than before.

By reducing reliance on spreadsheets, calls, emails, files, notes and disruptive meetings. PrintLynxx empowers central policy making, administration and reporting while supporting collaboration, decision making, team communication and task management.

Empowers Marketing

PrintLynxx empowers your people to collaborate with each other, work with your vendors, smooth your processes and achieve better results. PrintLynxx places you at the hub of project control. We make it easier and more efficient to manage schedules, staff, agencies and vendors so you can utilize resources more effectively. You get more from your budget, improve ROI on marketing materials and reach further with your message.

Empowers Sourcing

Marketing purchases are dynamic, complex and highly-customized. Unique specifications, a myriad of tasks, details, vendors and a complex web of team members overwhelm methods used for procuring off-the-shelf goods. PrintLynxx connects team members and simplifies processes.  It uses a dashboard with automated decision and task alerts to provide transparency into the tangled web where marketing operations and sourcing meet.

Empowers Finance

The cost of direct mail, materials, packaging and other marketing and brand related spend can equate in some organizations to 10% or more of top line revenue. Often scattered across the enterprise, outsourced to third parties or lacking defined budget lines, it is hard to give this spend the attention it deserves. PrintLynxx provides transparency, reporting and control to this complex area without constraining marketing projects. By eliminating third party fees, reducing change order expense and improving efficiency PrintLynxx brings even more savings into plain sight.

Empowers Executives

Our approach puts your own people in control, streamlines and automates required business processes and promotes effective and transparent relationships with your own trusted vendors. With no up-front investment required, we work with your team to develop and deploy a tailored configuration that supports any desired combination of centralized or decentralized operations. Realistic and measurable savings in per-unit cost of up to 40% are common and provide an opportunity for increased profit or reinvestment. Either way, your bottom line will improve.

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