What PrintGizmo Is

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Print Requisition & Fulfilment Hub

PrintGizmo brings everything you need to source print materials together in a familiar, easy-to-use ecommerce experience. It provides real-time pricing, simplifies RFQs, adapts to multiple sourcing methods – including rate carding –  and includes powerful, intuitive design and customization tools.

A Complete Print Buying Solution

PrintGizmo is a full-featured, all-inclusive sourcing portal for print and promo materials of any kind. It links everyone in your organization who plays a role in print. From requisitioner to vendor, and everyone in between, PrintGizmo creates an easily managed, well coordinated supply chain.

A Print Marketplace Made for You

PrintGizmo is your private print marketplace. It is an environment that matches your vendors, their capabilities and your print needs. It is where controlled competition and consistent communication are second nature and savings are achieved without sacrificing the features, timeliness and quality you demand.

Turnkey Ecommerce for Resellers

PrintGizmo’s optional broker module is a ready-to-use ecommerce solution for resellers, including print brokers, agencies, associations and others who sell print to outside customers. In addition to its many standard features and benefits, PrintGizmo also provides a number of unique provisions, including coordination and custom reporting, for print brokers and resellers.

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