Print Buyer’s Suite

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Enterprise Software for Print Buying

Organizations dependent on marketing, direct mail, branding and complex printed materials need powerful tools to coordinate and condition decision making and communication.

The eLynxx Solutions Print Buyer Software Suite combines the strength of PrintLynxx and PrintGizmo for improved efficiencies, clear communication and reduced costs.

PrintLynxx is print buying software built specifically to support and reinforce print buying operations within your marketing supply chain. It empowers you and your people… to harness the complexities of large-scale, highly-customized and critical print projects… to eliminate pain points… and to work in a collaborative environment with only those vendors you trust. Reporting and transparency is automatic. PrintLynxx puts you in full control of achieving the quality you demand, on-time and at optimal cost.

PrintGizmo is revolutionary. There is no software like it. PrintGizmo moves information and orders. It links your team into one easily managed and coordinated supply chain. It synchronizes requisitioners ordering web-to-print materials with buyers managing print projects with vendors producing the work. The software can be configured to meet your exact requirements. This includes monitoring, tracking and reporting options that keep you in control without hassle.

PrintGizmo provides the perfect catalog, rate-carded environment. It delivers a familiar ecommerce-style experience along with powerful web-to-print capabilities. PrintGizmo’s calculator displays rate card pricing and identifies the best price from among your accepted vendors. PrintGizmo can become your own private print marketplace.

PrintLynxx and PrintGizmo are cloud software. Nondisruptive. Easy to use. Nothing to install. Upgrades included. Backups and security are managed in our data center with 99.99% uptime.

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