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Nathan Rotz

Nathan Rotz
Chief Executive Officer

About Nathan Rotz

Hunting for Solutions

As eLynxx’s chief executive officer, Nathan Rotz brings ideas, energy and vision to the development of print buyer’s software that continually exceeds clients’ expectations.

He oversees product development, technology, marketing and customer satisfaction. “I love being a solution hunter,” he says. “We are either solving problems or helping clients reach their goals. Implementing technology that accomplishes these feats is very rewarding.”

Specifically, in the world of print procurement, where needs for printed materials and technology are fast-changing, Nathan and eLynxx help clients by offering software solutions customized to their specific needs, as well as a unique combination of print expertise and innovation.

Regarding customization Nathan says, “We consult with our clients on their processes and workflows. We then tailor our software to match the desired workflow. This significantly increases their efficiency in addition to the cost savings they get from using our tools to provide competitive pricing on their printed materials.”

He also keeps his eye on the future. “I strive to keep eLynxx evolving well beyond how our software is used today. I like to think of us as an over 40-year-old startup. You get cutting-edge innovation with the wisdom and experience that comes with middle age.”

What gives him the greatest satisfaction is “seeing the impact we make as a large client reaches their goals both in cost savings and efficiency within their organization. It’s a real joy to build software that others use to make their workday better.”

An entrepreneur since childhood, Nathan has built a career on serving businesses in the technology and Software-as-a-Service sectors.

A graduate of West Virginia University as an Eisenhower Fellow with a B.S.B.A. degree in operations management, Nathan founded a well-known regional internet service provider. He launched one of the first wireless broadband services in 2000. In 2008 he created a new brand to provide an ecologically-friendly alternative to expensive ink and toner.

Nathan’s other interests have included real estate, hospitality, entertainment and publishing – including one of the first online newspapers.

He’s served in a number of community leadership positions in the arts, education, economic development and human service organizations. Most recently, he says, “My greatest joy is playing with my children.”

What he wishes more print buyers knew about eLynxx
“I wish more people were aware of our offerings. They would realize just how easy to use and innovative our solutions are. Our software can empower them each day of their professional print-buying careers.”

“We can’t mention the names of many of our large clients as they typically request confidentiality to be part of our agreements. It turns out that we are a competitive advantage, a secret that they prefer to keep to themselves.”