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Maxine Gindlesperger

Maxine Gindlesperger
Chief Administrative Officer

About Maxine Gindlesperger

Making Things Work

As chief administrative officer, Maxine Gindlesperger keeps eLynxx running like a well-oiled machine. Since she joined eLynxx as office manager 1989, her responsibilities have continued to grow so that she oversees eLynxx’s finances, personnel, and support operations.

Most recently, she played a key role in eLynxx’s move to state-of-the-art offices at Kerrstown Square in the heart of Chambersburg, Pa. Besides handling the logistics of the move and layout of the offices, she worked closely with CEO Nathan Rotz to transform the 1970s-era space into an industrial-style loft environment with vintage details and unique colors and textures.

She finds gratification in making things work behind the scenes, assisting the staff in satisfying client needs and requests.

A graduate of Wilson College, Maxine regularly lends her management expertise to community activities as an active supporter of the arts, social services and political fundraising on the local, state and national levels. Maxine previously served on the Wilson College Alumni board. She currently serves on the Wilson College Board of Trustees and was awarded the Distinguished Alumna/Alumnus Award by the Alumni Association.

Besides eLynxx, she enjoys “gardening, indoor plants, piano, reading and cooking. She also pheasant hunts here in Pennsylvania and fishes in the far north of Canada with her husband.

What she wishes more print buyers knew about eLynxx
eLynxx puts customer service first. Staff work diligently with clients to solve their individual problems and needs — just one of many examples: tailoring eLynxx software to help Citi Retail Services gather the data needed for audits.