Hybrid BPO

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BPO Model Reinvented

In a traditional Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) model, complete control is handed to the BPO. The BPO does not disclose from whom the print is purchased, the price that the BPO pays for the print, or the numerous discounts and rebates that the BPO receives from the printer. Costs are easy to hide, the printer is not disclosed, and what could have been buyer saving becomes BPO profit.

The eLynxx hybrid BPO model is different. It is tailored for organizations that want to have input into their print projects while benefiting directly from cost savings. Organizations can still rid themselves of the gruesome details of day-to-day print management for a reasonable monthly subscription fee or allocated percentage to each transaction. This grants access to the eLynxx print buyer’s suite, proprietary buying methodology and decades of print expertise.

eLynxx is vendor neutral. Therefore, clients continue to work with their current print suppliers or may choose to have eLynxx recommend new or additional print suppliers. Savings in either case are substantial and average 32% cost savings across the board. More than $15 Billion in print has been obtained on eLynxx software with measured savings exceeding $4.9 Billion. The difference is that eLynxx clients benefit from the eLynxx software and proprietary buying methodology.

eLynxx has the capability to evaluate objectively your printers based on production capabilities, quality assurance attributes, samples submitted, plant visitations, social and financial standards and other criteria. Ultimately eLynxx provides the data necessary for you to render hard decisions easy.

And at full price transparency. That means eLynxx receives not one penny more than what a client agrees is the pricing arrangement. Nothing is hidden. eLynxx clients receive all of the benefit of lower pricing, greater efficiencies and production control. The only vendors to accomplish your work are your vendors chosen exclusively by you.

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