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eLynxx Version 8.2.1 Improves Efficiency and Savings in Direct Mail

Getting the right message to the right audience at the right time is critical to direct mail marketing success. Any opportunity a direct mail marketer has to improve efficiency and reduce costs in the sourcing and management of a project is a welcome one. “No printed marketing material project is simple, but even in this space, direct mail projects stand out among the most complex” said Mike Jackson, eLynxx Solutions CEO. “eLynxx was purpose-built to address the complexities of sourcing and managing direct mail projects. It energizes collaboration between project stakeholders and keeps control firmly in the hands of the organization.”

Built specifically for sourcing and managing direct mail and custom printed marketing communication materials, eLynxx, the company’s flagship cloud software continues to evolve with the release of version 8.2.1. One of the many beneficial qualities of eLynxx is its flexibility. ”Because eLynxx is cloud software we can add or adjust features without inconveniencing our clients” said Nathan Rotz, eLynxx Solutions COO. “That means, unlike client-hosted software, we don’t have to let updates accumulate to avoid having to ask our clients’ IT departments to make changes. When we have a new feature that is going to make our clients’ lives even easier, they can put it to work as soon as it’s ready.”

That has been good news for clients using eLynxx for direct mail. The latest eLynxx feature update provides even more functionality and granularity than ever. “As direct mail marketers get more detailed and complex in the targeting of their campaigns, their specification needs become more complex as well,” Jackson explained. “Our most recent update gives direct mail marketers a more robust way to include highly granular, finely detailed specifications for the processing of mailing list data, personalization, finishing, assembly and kitting of the project” Rotz added. In addition, the update gives eLynxx clients the option of running postage for individual projects on a completely separate track from other materials and services. “This is one of those cases where the right innovation at the right time provides a big impact for our clients” Jackson said. The agility and on-demand nature of PrintLynxx allows immediate access to new features as they are released. The eLynxx development team’s dedication to an aggressive update schedule means clients will see new features more frequently.


eLynxx Solutions has been providing innovative products and services for helping organizations manage projects and connect with vendors of custom-produced graphic communication, direct mail, marketing materials, publications, labeling, packaging and all things print since 1975. Born, raised and still located in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania along the east coast’s graphic communications corridor connecting Washington, DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and New York City, today’s eLynxx Solutions is a leading innovator and provider of project management software for the marketing supply chain. As a software boutique, eLynxx Solutions tailors its cloud software to fit the needs and requirements of its customers, providing the functionality of custom software with the economy of out-of-the-box solutions. eLynxx print procurement software empowers an organization’s people to work with their own vendors and strengthen their own processes to achieve better results. For more information regarding PrintLynxx, please visit eLynxx.com.

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