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eLynxx Solutions to Provide Print Buying Software to Johns Hopkins University

eLynxx Solutions is pleased to include Johns Hopkins University among the clients using its flagship PrintLynxx. PrintLynxx is cloud software that is built for print buyers to streamline and simplify the specification, sourcing and management of custom printed communications. PrintLynxx is well suited for higher education where insight to autonomous print buying across many areas is desired.

PrintLynxx will be used across all colleges and administrative departments at Johns Hopkins. The software will handle marketing, student, faculty and business communications as well as outreach, scholarly and research publications.

Print procurement at most universities, including Johns Hopkins, is spread across the institution. With upwards of 200 vendors, insight into procurement activity, spending, vendor qualification, quality assurance and efficiency is challenging. The range of materials, number of individuals involved and diversity of audiences pose additional challenges to centralized procurement and make the case for departmental print buying.

PrintLynxx provides a single tool that enables institutional level insight while retaining the autonomy of departmental print buying. Unlike alternative solutions, PrintLynxx will not replace the people, processes or vendors already in place at Johns Hopkins. Rather, PrintLynxx empowers those people, strengthens processes and works with the vendors they trust to ultimately achieve better results in quality, service and price.

“Higher education is one of the more complex print buying environments,” said Deborah Snider, executive vice president at eLynxx Solutions. “PrintLynxx has proven its value to higher education institutions where print procurement is spread out and insight is desired. Our software allows many different users to work in their familiar capacities while capturing all of the details of each project and providing a centralized source or reporting and analytics. We are excited to be able to bring that value to Johns Hopkins University.”

eLynxx clients achieve cost savings of up to 40 percent per unit and gains in operational efficiency of over 50 percent. More specifically, higher education clients using PrintLynxx have averaged per-unit cost savings of over 35 percent.


eLynxx Solutions has been providing innovative products and services for helping organizations manage projects and connect with vendors of custom-produced graphic communication, direct mail, marketing materials, publications, labeling, packaging and all things print since 1975. Born, raised and still located in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania along the east coast’s graphic communications corridor connecting Washington, DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and New York City, today’s eLynxx Solutions is a leading innovator and provider of project management software for the marketing supply chain. As a software boutique, eLynxx Solutions tailors its cloud software to fit the needs and requirements of its customers, providing the functionality of custom software with the economy of out-of-the-box solutions. PrintLynxx print procurement software empowers an organization’s people to work with their own vendors and strengthen their own processes to achieve better results. For more information regarding PrintLynxx, please visit eLynxx.com.

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