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  • Bill Gindlesperger

    Bill Gindlesperger

    Founder and Chairman

    About Bill Gindlesperger

    Pioneering a Better Way

    eLynxx founder and Chairman Bill Gindlesperger is always thinking of better ways to do things. That’s true whether he’s stalking northern pike on Kasba Lake in Canada, or improving eLynxx software yet again to help print buyers save time and money while getting the best quality direct mail and printed materials.

    eLynxx Solutions grew in 1975 from Bill’s idea to combine technology plus his years of print industry expertise to create a better way of print buying. Since then eLynxx Solutions software has helped print buyers manage projects totaling more than $20 billion.

    eLynxx software has been customer-driven from the start. The greatest satisfaction for Bill comes from seeing the looks on formerly skeptical clients’ faces when eLynxx delivers savings and quality…exactly as promised.

    For instance, he loves “watching a broker organization that is dependent on reselling printing build improved profitability by being able to buy more competitively.”

    For over 45 years, Bill has used his expertise in printing, process, procurement and software to help clients improve sales, build efficiencies and increase profitability. “I have consulted for clients of every size and ilk,” he says. “And, I have seen and helped resolve just about every combination of issues that an organization can face.”

    Bill got his start in the print industry when as a young man he built and operated a large printing facility. Retiring at age 29, he went on to build a seven-figure consulting business.

    A recognized print expert, Bill has had articles published by over 150 trade publications and news organizations. He’s testified before U.S. Senate Committees and has worked with members of the Congress, Senate, governors, trade associations and educational institutions on print management and procurement policy issues.

    A graduate of Dickinson College, he’s a member of the board of trustees of Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania and is Governor of the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE) Board of Governors. He’s served numerous community organizations, mentoring teens, supporting the arts and working to create community employment.

    A highlight for Bill is his annual fishing expedition to the far north of Canada, where he applies his strategic thinking to reeling in trophy-size fish. Back home, whether he’s pheasant hunting or meeting with clients, his constant companion is his standard red poodle, Copper.

    “The most important people in my life are my wife, Maxine, five natural children, foster children and other kids for whom I have taken responsibility,” he says.

    What he wishes more print buyers knew about eLynxx
    “No one else can or does furnish anything like our software,” he says. “It is easy to use, but very powerful and completely innovative. If print buyers were to take a few minutes to put their hands on the eLynxx software, they would never go back to anything else.”

  • Nathan Rotz

    Nathan Rotz

    Chief Executive Officer

    About Nathan Rotz

    Hunting for Solutions

    As eLynxx’s chief executive officer, Nathan Rotz brings ideas, energy and vision to the development of print buyer’s software that continually exceeds clients’ expectations.

    He oversees product development, technology, marketing and customer satisfaction. “I love being a solution hunter,” he says. “We are either solving problems or helping clients reach their goals. Implementing technology that accomplishes these feats is very rewarding.”

    Specifically, in the world of print procurement, where needs for printed materials and technology are fast-changing, Nathan and eLynxx help clients by offering software solutions customized to their specific needs, as well as a unique combination of print expertise and innovation.

    Regarding customization Nathan says, “We consult with our clients on their processes and workflows. We then tailor our software to match the desired workflow. This significantly increases their efficiency in addition to the cost savings they get from using our tools to provide competitive pricing on their printed materials.”

    He also keeps his eye on the future. “I strive to keep eLynxx evolving well beyond how our software is used today. I like to think of us as an over 40-year-old startup. You get cutting-edge innovation with the wisdom and experience that comes with middle age.”

    What gives him the greatest satisfaction is “seeing the impact we make as a large client reaches their goals both in cost savings and efficiency within their organization. It’s a real joy to build software that others use to make their workday better.”

    An entrepreneur since childhood, Nathan has built a career on serving businesses in the technology and Software-as-a-Service sectors.

    A graduate of West Virginia University as an Eisenhower Fellow with a B.S.B.A. degree in operations management, Nathan founded a well-known regional internet service provider. He launched one of the first wireless broadband services in 2000. In 2008 he created a new brand to provide an ecologically-friendly alternative to expensive ink and toner.

    Nathan’s other interests have included real estate, hospitality, entertainment and publishing – including one of the first online newspapers.

    He’s served in a number of community leadership positions in the arts, education, economic development and human service organizations. Most recently, he says, “My greatest joy is playing with my children.”

    What he wishes more print buyers knew about eLynxx
    “I wish more people were aware of our offerings. They would realize just how easy to use and innovative our solutions are. Our software can empower them each day of their professional print-buying careers.”

    “We can’t mention the names of many of our large clients as they typically request confidentiality to be part of our agreements. It turns out that we are a competitive advantage, a secret that they prefer to keep to themselves.”

  • Maxine Gindlesperger

    Maxine Gindlesperger

    Chief Administrative Officer

    About Maxine Gindlesperger

    Making Things Work

    As chief administrative officer, Maxine Gindlesperger keeps eLynxx running like a well-oiled machine. Since she joined eLynxx as office manager 1989, her responsibilities have continued to grow so that she oversees eLynxx’s finances, personnel, and support operations.

    Most recently, she played a key role in eLynxx’s move to state-of-the-art offices at Kerrstown Square in the heart of Chambersburg, Pa. Besides handling the logistics of the move and layout of the offices, she worked closely with CEO Nathan Rotz to transform the 1970s-era space into an industrial-style loft environment with vintage details and unique colors and textures.

    She finds gratification in making things work behind the scenes, assisting the staff in satisfying client needs and requests.

    A graduate of Wilson College, Maxine regularly lends her management expertise to community activities as an active supporter of the arts, social services and political fundraising on the local, state and national levels. Maxine previously served on the Wilson College Alumni board. She currently serves on the Wilson College Board of Trustees and was awarded the Distinguished Alumna/Alumnus Award by the Alumni Association.

    Besides eLynxx, she enjoys “gardening, indoor plants, piano, reading and cooking. She also pheasant hunts here in Pennsylvania and fishes in the far north of Canada with her husband.

    What she wishes more print buyers knew about eLynxx
    eLynxx puts customer service first. Staff work diligently with clients to solve their individual problems and needs — just one of many examples: tailoring eLynxx software to help Citi Retail Services gather the data needed for audits.

  • Andy Hawks

    Andy Hawks

    Chief Legal Officer

    About Andy Hawks

    Finding Creative Solutions

    As chief legal officer since 1997, Andy Hawks guides eLynxx Solutions smoothly through the intricacies of legal compliance, legislative policy and intellectual property management.

    His expertise in commercial, contractual, patent and government law has been instrumental in the growth and development of eLynxx software and services. “We have spent the last 20 years developing the best print-buying software and service offerings available anywhere. It is a unique achievement,” he says.

    Andy enjoys the challenge of “figuring out a creative way of structuring a contract, deal, or settlement so that the customer’s needs are fully met.”

    He has 38 years of experience as a business lawyer. He earned his law degree from Georgetown University and holds M.A. and B.A. degrees from Tufts University, earning Georgetown’s prestigious Leahy Prize Argument. In addition to working with eLynxx, he’s worked in private practice and for the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia.

    Besides eLynxx, Andy’s passions are “studying constitutional law from a libertarian perspective; tournament bridge, bicycling and karate, and spending time with my five grandchildren. “

    What he wishes more print buyer knew about eLynxx
    “I wish more print buyers would be willing to challenge and enhance their internal print buying cultures by incorporating our software and service offerings.”

  • Debbie Snider

    Debbie Snider

    Senior Vice President

    About Debbie Snider

    Building Lasting Relationships

    eLynxx Senior Vice President Debbie Snider takes pride in the fact that today’s eLynxx customers include third- and fourth-generation owners of family businesses that she first began working with in eLynxx’s early days.

    They’re a sign of just how successful she has been over 37 years at listening to customers, identifying their needs and determining how eLynxx print buyers’ software and expert service can help.

    Also, the ability to keep customers through the generations underscores the value of eLynxx’s products and services. You don’t stick with a company for decades if it’s not meeting your needs and exceeding your expectations.

    In her formal role as senior VP, Debbie is responsible for sales and service to help build, grow and maintain eLynxx clients in its software client base.

    Early on, she says she learned the importance of listening: “I quickly build rapport to gain trust because I listen first. I am known as a relationship builder and enjoy helping others to find a solution to their problems or concerns. I am often told by clients they feel like they have known me forever. I learned long ago that you first must sell yourself before you can sell anything.”

    Every day Debbie puts her 35 years of expertise to work for eLynxx clients, for instance by helping corporate clients implement eLynxx software to improve their operational efficiency and reduce costs.

    Founder and Chairman Bill Gindlesperger notes: “Debbie is well known throughout the graphic arts, print, procurement and software arenas and has built a network of satisfied customers who often sing her praises. She’s a great representation of the heart and soul of our firm — honesty, integrity and customer satisfaction.”

    Debbie is a graduate of Central Penn Business College with a degree in specialized business. She applied her skills at internationally recognized heavy equipment manufacturer JLG Industries before coming to eLynxx in 1984.

    With Debbie, her family is paramount. She says: “God has blessed me with an awesome husband, son, daughter, daughter-in-law, son-in-law and our grandchildren. I love spending time with family, friends and our chocolate lab Libby. Whether it is physical help, breaking bread together, listening, offering encouragement or just relaxing together, it is what I like to do. I love the outdoors to explore new things and places, especially the Smoky Mountains in N.C. If you keep the right order and balance in your life with God-Family-Work, you have everything you need, and life is good!”

    What she wishes more print buyers knew about eLynxx
    “We have been here for the long haul — we aren’t going away and are ready to serve their needs in this space if they will allow us the opportunity to share the eLynxx offering with them.

    “eLynxx clients quickly fall in love when they begin to work with the eLynxx team. And that is why we have been able to grow so many long-term clients over the years. We can help their chaotic print buying world to become so much easier with very little effort on their part to make it happen. They need to try us to experience the difference.”

  • Rich Scotti

    Rich Scotti

    Director of Product and Brand Management

    About Rich Scotti

    Experience Plus Innovation

    In his role as director of product and brand management for eLynxx, Rich Scotti guides the growth of new offerings, the ongoing adaptation of existing products and the eLynxx brand.

    Rich exemplifies two things that make eLynxx unique: a decades-long commitment to meeting the needs of print buyers with cutting-edge, customized print management software and services; and deep experience in the print industry.

    ‘Everything that makes its way into eLynxx software is 100% about helping our clients stay ahead of the curve in print procurement,’ Rich says. “It’s something that we’ve been doing for well over 40 years, starting with the very first software created for print buyers, to our latest innovation that brings the ease and familiarity of online marketplace shopping to a process that can be complex and often misunderstood.”

    His greatest satisfaction comes from “solving problems by being able to see the big picture through its details.”

    Rich has been with eLynxx since 2012, and brings to eLynxx clients 25 years’ experience in creation, planning, execution and buying of printed materials.

    “Aside from managing many millions of dollars’ worth of print projects,” he notes, “I have worked for a major, multinational print conglomerate (Taylor Corporation) where I played instrumental roles in the growth and success of a web-to-print brand that was highly — and disruptively — successful in its marketplace.”

    eLynxx combines print experience with innovation, providing value that clients soon recognize.

    “Pushing the limits of how print is bought and what software can do is nothing new around here,” Rich says. “But what is most exciting to see is how many different ways it is put to use by different clients of all shapes and sizes.”

    “My favorite eLynxx success stories are the ones where clients begin using our software and services to gain control over one thing like cost, quality or speed, then promptly discover that they really can achieve the best mix of all three.”

    Rich earned B.A. and M.S. degrees from Shippensburg University. Prior to joining eLynxx he led the communications initiatives of online printer 123Print and held communications leadership roles in the manufacturing, non-profit, broadcasting and entertainment industries.

    Besides eLynxx, his passions are “My family, advocacy for children and adults with autism, helping prepare youth to achieve well-rounded success as a Scout Leader, historic preservation, enjoying the outdoors, listening to music, reading and working on antique cars.”

    What he wishes more print buyers knew about eLynxx
    “Our clients get so much more than just a great product — they get a total commitment to their print buying success that includes decades of experience and insight into the world of print and direct mail production and management.”

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