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Q and A: What’s the deal with direct mail?

What is direct mail?

Direct mail is a versatile and powerful tool when used as part of a marketing program.  It can deliver a message, develop a brand, generate short-term return, gather information, or sell a service or product. 

From the recipient’s perspective direct mail is simple. You receive a single piece or package of material in the mail.  It could be a postcard, catalog, or personalized materials on why you should go fishing in Canada on your next vacation.  

How is it distributed?

Putting a direct mail item in your hands is no easy task.  Assembling a direct mail campaign is a sophisticated, complex and difficult challenge. It requires experience and the ability to juggle a broad array of details.

There are a lot of moving parts to distribution. Without proper organization, it can lead to wasted time and resources within your company.   

What goes into a campaign?

There are a lot of parts to designing a campaign. Marketing, design, creative, and ROI considerations all play a part. Then there’s production, data application, specification writing, printing, sorting, personalization, vendor selection, monitoring the manufacturing process, reporting and more.  This last aspect is what’s considered print production workflow management.  

Managing direct mail is not unlike the old Boraxo commercials where the covered wagon driver holds all the reins of his 20-mule team.  There are so many details one mistake can drive the wagon off a cliff. That’s where powerful software designed specifically for this application can make a campaign much more manageable.

How can companies enhance the process?

eLynxx Solutions software has the experience, power and sophistication to assist both the hardened direct mail buyer and (with available additional services) the novice.  The software is easy to use and doesn’t miss a trick. Having happy, long- term clients speaks volumes.  

How do I get started with print procurement software?

Now is the time to get your company or organization using the right software that can ensure you are getting print procurement done the right way. For over 46 years, eLynxx Solutions has been providing print buyers and vendors the tools to ensure they can get print products customized as they see fit and ordered in a timely manner.

Using state of the art cloud software, we bring together print buyers and vendors in one place to manage their bids, production, communications, and more.