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The Digital Age and Print Communications

The massive shift of companies becoming more and more reliant on digital technologies has left many wondering where print communications  should go from here. The simple answer is that while digital communications including websites, apps, social media, and e-commerce continues to grow, companies must still rely on print communications to ensure their customers are still getting their message across. 

Customers primarily care about how their overall experience with a company will be from each transaction or service. How they receive their communications and information is a part of this transaction. While many customers might prefer digital communications, for some, print communications still continues to improve their overall experience.

If the customer journey can continue to work with print communications, companies need to keep direct mail and direct billing in their workflow. To put it simply, digital communications can be used for many customers, but for those who still need it , paper communication needs to exist for users who prefer that experience. 

One other reason that print communications are here to stay is simply the usability and importance. Digital communications still has a way to go for usability and accessibility. Until companies can provide a seamless experience for digital communication, omni-channel communications need to exist.

This does not mean that companies should only use print communications and not focus on developing digital improvements to their workflow, but while paper communications continue to be important for many users, it will remain a viable, sometimes cheaper, option. 

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