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eLynxx Solutions to Provide Print Buying Software to Johns Hopkins University

eLynxx Solutions is pleased to include Johns Hopkins University among the clients using its flagship PrintLynxx. PrintLynxx is cloud software that is built for print buyers to streamline and simplify the specification, sourcing and management of custom...
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Direct Mail Marketers Get Gifts from USPS

The United States Postal Service just experienced what it projected as its busiest day of 2015. Of course in the weeks leading up to Christmas, the post office is on the minds of many as they await the delivery of gifts purchased online and from catalogs....
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Print – The Unsung Touchpoint of Selling

Selling is not a simple process. It takes a complex skill set that includes the ability to: Understand and connect with different personalities Identify problems and present solutions Use persuasion to form opinions and drive decisions Uncover and process...
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