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Q and A: The Problem With General Procurement

What is General Procurement?

General procurement is the purchase of finished goods. Right now, the software and systems in place to help facilitate general procurement are not ideally designed for goods that are manufactured, no matter the goods. A specific good to think about are manufactured print goods. There are a lot more elements in printed items over items bought off the shelf. One must consider the vendors, deadlines, artworks, spec, etc. that are being manufactured. Questions and communication can go back and forth between parties to make sure they are clear on what is being produced. A general procurement system cannot address those adequately, it is far better to have a specific procurement process and software in place.

What are the alternatives to general procurement? What should my business focus on?

Our belief is businesses should be using software specifically designed for the procurement of that item (such as print material). For example, if you build a car, it’s not off the shelf, an application is designed for the choices you make. You need to pick the parts you feel would best fit your vehicle. And sometimes, you need parts from different retailers. This is even more true for the area of print procurement. A specialized software would address all your issues. eLynxx Solutions solves that with print procurement software that can be tailored to match the workflow of the clients and needs that come with procuring printed materials.

How does your software work for procurement?

Our software provides clear communications, specifications, ability to keep track of deadlines and dates, and so much more; all in one easy to use software. The results will generate increased efficiency and cost savings. Our software also creates a competitive environment for vendors to compete and allows them to fill open capacity created in a manufacturing environment such as print or promo.  Plus, you can send requests to multiple vendors at once, instead of needing to reach out and see capabilities and availability individually. We also provide reporting including procurement spend and vendor scorecarding and even customized reports for your management to keep track of.

How do I get started with print procurement software?

Now is the time to get your company or organization using the right software that can ensure you are getting print procurement done the right way. For over 45 years, eLynxx Solutions has been providing print buyers and vendors the tools to ensure they can get print products customized as they see fit and ordered in a timely manner. Using state of the art cloud software, we bring together print buyers and vendors in one place to manage their bids, production, communications, and so much more. Learn more about how our software works by visiting us today.