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Introducing PrintGizmo 5: Transforming Print Procurement with Powerful Commerce-as-a-Service Solution

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Introducing PrintGizmo 5: Transforming Print Procurement with Powerful Commerce-as-a-Software Solution

Chambersburg, PA: Software company eLynxx Solutions is excited to announce the launch of PrintGizmo 5. This innovative Commerce-as-a-Service (CaaS) print solution revolutionizes the way buyers manage their printing needs. With comprehensive enhanced features, PrintGizmo 5 empowers businesses, resellers, organizations, and universities to optimize their print procurement workflows and achieve exceptional results with revenue growth.

PrintGizmo 5 is designed to simplify the complex task of print procurement, enabling efficient management of printing requirements while reducing costs and increasing productivity. This cutting-edge software offers an intuitive user interface, robust functionality, and seamless integration capabilities, making it an indispensable tool for print procurement professionals globally.

Key Features of PrintGizmo 5 CaaS Print Procurement Software:

1. Centralized Print Management: PrintGizmo 5 provides a centralized platform for businesses to manage all their print procurement needs. From submitting print requests to tracking orders and managing budgets, this software streamlines the entire print procurement process, eliminating manual inefficiencies. The new dashboard with customizable widgets allows the user to create the look that is most efficient for their workflow. The new Job Board allows order and product status information with just a glance on the dashboard.

2. Vendor Management: With PrintGizmo 5, print buyers and businesses can effectively manage their relationships with print vendors. The software offers a comprehensive vendor database, allowing users to easily search and select vendors based on specific criteria such as location, pricing, certifications, bid wins, done-right rate, on-time rate, and average production days. Clients may also use their current print vendors or a mix of both.

3. Automated Quoting and Bidding: PrintGizmo 5 automates the quoting and bidding process, saving time and reducing errors. Users can define their print requirements, and the software automatically sends requests for quotes to selected vendors, ensuring competitive pricing and efficient turnaround times.

4. Real-time Order Tracking: PrintGizmo 5 offers real-time order tracking, providing businesses with visibility into the status of their print orders. Users can monitor each stage of the printing process, from file submission to production and delivery, ensuring timely and accurate execution.

5. Data Analytics and Reporting: PrintGizmo 5 features advanced data analytics and reporting tools that provide valuable insights into print procurement activities. Users can generate customized reports, track spending, analyze vendor performance, and make data-driven decisions to optimize their print procurement strategies.

“We are thrilled to launch our innovative print management software, PrintGizmo 5.0 will revamp your printing experience by making the complex simple.” said Nathan Rotz, CEO of eLynxx Solutions. “This release represents our commitment to empowering resellers, universities, and all print buyer businesses with cutting-edge technology that simplifies and enhances their print procurement processes. PrintGizmo 5 enables organizations to achieve greater efficiency, cost savings, and improved print quality with their trusted vendors with the power of print commerce.”

PrintGizmo 5 Print CaaS Software is now available. To learn more visit our website (eLynxx.com). Interested businesses can request a demo to experience the software’s capabilities and benefits firsthand.

About eLynxx Solutions:

eLynxx Solutions is a leading provider of print procurement software, offering innovative solutions to businesses and organizations worldwide. With a focus on streamlining the print procurement process and increasing revenue growth for their clients, eLynxx Solutions continues to drive efficiency and productivity in the print industry with PrintGizmo 5.

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