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Printers And The Art of Seduction

When making a cold call, there is something to be said for knowing who you are calling.

That something to be said is “always know who you are calling.”

The eLynxx client services team regularly receives calls from printers that wish to join our vendor pool. Printers, we love you, but don’t do this.

eLynxx provides software and services to enable better results and experiences as print buyers buy directly from their own print vendors. We don’t have any vendors. Our clients (the print buying organizations) have vendors. We don’t. We do not have a vendor pool for you to join. Say it with me: eLynxx Solutions does not have any print vendors.

And we can’t simply add you to a client’s vendor pool either. We don’t get between buyers and vendors. Contact the prospect directly and sell them on doing business with you. If they agree, you’re good. If not, we can’t help you. We’re not involved.

But when you call them, have some sense of what they do and what you offer that could help them. Because when you cold called us without even reading the first page of elynxx.com, you made the suitor in gray look like a master of seduction. Prepare. Don’t be the plaything of the goddess in blue.

this is not how you cold call (texts)


Oh, pumpkin. You tried.

That said, if you absolutely want to cold call someone at eLynxx Solutions, reach out to the GPM side of our house. That team won’t be able to add you to a vendor pool either, but they do offer services to help printers dramatically improve sales and profitability.

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