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Our ‘Thing’

So, Google’s new algorithm has come back with some interesting results. It turns out that if you post continuously about the same thing, it will negatively impact the SEO rating for the website. Basically, Google told us that all of our blog posts are about the same thing. It’s not that we’re surprised by this, because as it turns out a lot of you do read our posts about our ‘thing,’ so thank you for that! We’re very proud of our ‘thing’ here at eLynxx which is why we love to talk about it so much.

We’ve racked our brains on how to deliver this next article, and should probably buy stock in energy drinks and bagels for the amount of time this has taken. So now without further delay, please enjoy our latest blog post, lovingly titled: “Our ‘Thing.’”

Our ‘Thing’

We have this ‘thing’ that you can use,
To cure your print procurement blues.

This ‘thing’ resides up in the sky,
We’d love if you’d give it a try.

If clarity is what you seek
We’ll set you on a winning streak.

It helps keep everything in check,
It’s nowhere near a pain in the neck.

It’s very simple to get started,
We know you won’t be broken hearted.

Use our ‘thing’, and we’ll assist,
Your company and eLynxx can coexist!

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