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How To Avoid Disaster….

Imagine. You placed an order for marketing materials for an upcoming event.  The printer is in the process of producing your order.  Then suddenly their facility catches fire.  Their operation stops cold turkey.  And you are left starting the process of finding a replacement printer.  Worse yet, your artwork, specifications and paper went up in smoke.

The fact of the matter is that disaster can, will and does happen without notice.  Just in the past year alone we have seen hundreds of businesses have to change their marketing initiatives on short notice due to the COVID-19 outbreak, short paper supplies and supply chain disruptions. Buyers have been put in horrible positions of losing marketing momentum by depending on one printer and ignoring the need for a backup.  The cost of this kind of blind loyalty is more than disruption and inconvenience.

Printing businesses closed for any reason leave their customers in the lurch.  Opportunities are lost and the ripple effect is both exhausting and expensive. How can you be prepared when unforeseen calamity strikes?  And how can eLynxx Solutions provide a print buyer software that can work to protect you from potential disaster?

Planning, qualifying and managing multiple print vendors is key.  But that costs time and money.  Well considered software designed precisely for print buying, specification and workflow management cuts time investment, puts buyers in charge, protects marketing initiatives and much more.  It stores the art work.  It manages communication with a few keystrokes.  It replaces the burden of maintaining spreadsheets.  It maintains relationships with alternative backup vendors.  It safely stores on the cloud your specifications, pricing, details, artwork – and communicates what needs to be communicated exactly to whom and when it is necessary.

Here at eLynxx Solutions, we provide the software and resources you can rely on when disaster strikes.  Our software can store, manage, coordinate and report all the details of each and every one of your transactions   And with all your orders organized automatically in one place, risk is eliminated and you are in control. Want to learn more about how eLynxx print buyer’s software can help? Visit our information page.  Request a free no pressure demo.  Or call us at 717 709 0990.