Works with Your Vendors

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PrintLynxx is vendor neutral and fosters mutually beneficial relationships with your vendors. It maximizes vendor capabilities, accesses vendor innovations and ensures the best combination of quality, service and price. PrintLynxx helps you take advantage of the marketplace without taking advantage of your vendors.

Perfects Communication

PrintLynxx replaces emails, spreadsheets and disruptive meetings with a clear channel of automated communication among you and your vendors. It provides vendors with buyer controlled access and visibility to information. Communication is automatically routed to the appropriate party even during absence. Team members and vendors are alerted when actions are required.

Reduces Misunderstandings

With PrintLynxx each detail is properly captured and communicated. There are thousands of details in the marketing supply chain that cannot be handled accurately and efficiently without confusion and misdirection. Examples include specifications, branding, creative and preflighting, changes, packaging, labeling, distribution, logistics, invoicing.

Strengthens Relationships

PrintLynxx connects you with your trusted vendors allowing them to receive the opportunities you choose. Because of the time savings and efficieny gained through the use of PrintLynxx, you can expand the number of opportunities offered to your vendors. Once in production the status of your projects is transparent and approval of any change orders is mutual.

Minimizes Rework

PrintLynxx drives detailed communication and automated follow-up to eliminate misques. Features include incomplete specification notification, milestone tracking, creative review, branding verification and proof approval. Because PrintLynxx manages the minute details, you gain more time to oversee your projects and work with your vendors.

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