How PrintLynxx Works

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PrintLynxx puts you and your people in control of a strong, problem free and well coordinated marketing supply chain without disrupting your processes or sacrificing your vendors. It provides new levels of operational efficiency and budget stretching per-unit savings.

Your Capabilities Extended

PrintLynxx handles the minutiae of the marketing supply chain. It helps your people manage, connect, communicate, collaborate and simplify operations. PrintLynxx provides transparency, efficiency and consistency.

 Your Process Strengthened

PrintLynxx enables transparency, communication, information capture, asset management and full reporting that strengthen weak points by eliminating the problems that cause them. PrintLynxx builds on your own processes and puts you in full control.

Your Vendors Qualified

You can use PrintLynxx to establish, maintain and enforce objective service and quality standards on which you can build better results. It empowers you to establish on-going quality assessment, accountability and greater competition among your own vendors.

Your Success Assured

PrintLynxx helps you achieve better marketing results without sacrificing people, processes or vendors. Our optional sourcing method allows you to achieve the best combination of quality, service and price with up to 40% savings in per-unit cost.

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