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How Are You Handling the Problems with Spend Visibility?

Nearly every organization deals with the procurement, production or management of direct mail, marketing materials and other types of printing.  For some, this is a weekly chore.  For others this is a prime responsibility on a daily or continual basis.

Depending on the size of the spend and the number of orders, printing handlers can range from one, two or half dozen people to a large-scale enterprise comprising marketing, supply chain and procurement activities populated by multiple managers and webs of communication and approvals.  What these professionals have in common are the challenges of keeping their data accessible and instantly available in a coordinated environment for quick decision making.

eLynxx experience indicates that about two of every three organizations recognize the need to improve spend visibility, while one in three have no plan to obtain currently actionable data. This latter group has few tools or processes in place to manage spend analytics.  Although lost savings and expended time are not calculated, capturing these losses could be crucial to adding more marketing for the same dollar spend or simply improving the bottom line.

Organizations that prize discovering ways to save money just cannot be sure of optimized savings without policies and procedures based on real time information.  Procurement of direct mail, marketing materials and other types of printing is a complicated and data driven process.  The need for proper tools and tailored software is vital.

What can organizations do to improve data acquisition and reporting?  For one thing, stop relying on time-consuming emails, written or typed notes, disruptive phone calls and the effort it takes to coordinate this communication onto spreadsheets.

For another, admit that computer programs developed to solve a single problem may not be sufficiently flexible to provide the information requisite for appropriate decision making.  And, understand that software solutions do exist that can save time, money and eliminate guessing and rework.

eLynxx Solutions has developed software to manage spend visibility in one place. The software program ensures measurable time and real dollar savings while eliminating headaches, multiple processes, poor communication and the efforts to maintain already outdated data by the time it gets placed on spreadsheets.

eLynxx software is trusted by hundreds of marketing experts, print specialists, procurement managers, and their printers as a communication tool par excellence.  Discover more by visiting the eLynxx demo page, call 717-709-0990, or contact info@eLynxx.com.