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Expert Sees eLynxx as a Good Choice for Print Procurement

There are few operational situations in business where lack of choice and one-size-fits-all approaches provide true benefit. In highly dynamic areas, like marketing operations, what works for one organization does not always work for another. Choice couldn’t be more important to matching an organization’s printed communication material sourcing and management needs to a solution. Dennis Fay knows this quite well.

“There really aren’t many choices out there for organizations looking to get a better handle on sourcing and managing custom printed communications,” Fay said. “I saw first hand how frustrated organizations would become trying to do it on their own.” With leadership roles at managed print outsourcer Innerworkings and marketing services provider WebbMason on his resume, Fay had plenty of opportunity to see organizations decide to throw in the towel and hand control of their printed communications over to someone else. “They were trying to do it with confusing spreadsheets, fragmented workflows and broad-scope ERP software that wasn’t built for sourcing and managing custom-specified items like print” Fay said.

A veteran executive in the publishing, managed print and marketing services industries, Fay is currently managing partner at 8Four8 Partners, a procurement, workflow automation, change management and technology consultancy in West Chester, Pennsylvania and Cockeysville, Maryland. Highly accomplished in the achievement of improved efficiency, lower costs and better results from the sourcing and managing of printed marketing communication, Fay knows that specialized technology is critical. He also knows it can be elusive.

Today, at 8Four8 Partners, Fay continues to help organizations achieve better results in operational areas including procurement and marketing. Recognizing that sourcing and managing print projects would continue to be an area of frustration for organizations, Fay knew he had the knowledge and experience to help. He also knew outsourcing to a managed print or marketing services provider is not the right choice for every organization and that generalized procurement solutions are not built for the challenges of the highly-specialized marketing supply chain. Fay needed a specialized solution for organizations who wanted to remain in control, he wanted software that was specifically built for print procurement, he turned to eLynxx Solutions.

“When I had an opportunity to see PrintLynxx I was impressed” Fay said. “Here is a small company located in Pennsylvania Dutch country and they are creating really innovative software purpose-built for sourcing and managing print.” According to Fay, the eLynxx ethos of empowering an organization’s own people to strengthen its own processes by working with its own vendors to achieve better marketing supply chain results, is exactly what many organizations are looking for. “I’ve learned over the years that many organizations want simple end-to-end control, a hassle-free way to connect everyone involved and minimal disruption. eLynxx delivers exactly that along with a 53 percent average increase in efficiency and per-unit cost savings of up to 40 percent” Fay said. “eLynxx really is the total package. I’m proud to recommend and represent it to clients.”


eLynxx Solutions has been providing innovative products and services for helping organizations manage projects and connect with vendors of custom-produced graphic communication, direct mail, marketing materials, publications, labeling, packaging and all things print since 1975. Born, raised and still located in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania along the east coast’s graphic communications corridor connecting Washington, DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and New York City, today’s eLynxx Solutions is a leading innovator and provider of project management software for the marketing supply chain. As a software boutique, eLynxx Solutions tailors its cloud software to fit the needs and requirements of its customers, providing the functionality of custom software with the economy of out-of-the-box solutions. eLynxx print procurement software empowers an organization’s people to work with their own vendors and strengthen their own processes to achieve better results. For more information regarding PrintLynxx, please visit eLynxx.com.

For more information regarding 8Four8 Partners and the services they provide, please visit 8four8partners.com.