Best Quality, Price and Service – Get All Three: Built for the Job

Unfortunately, none of what is required for an organization to manage pre- and post-pricing details and break the Iron Triangle is handled by the methods and tools commonly used in procurement. They simply are not built for managing and sourcing custom...
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Best Quality, Service and Price – Get All Three: Breaking the Iron Triangle

In the previous segments we discussed the importance of managing the many pre- and post-pricing details of custom print projects. Because the ready-made, off-the-shelf goods they are built to buy don’t require the same level of detail; commonly-used...
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Print – The Unsung Touchpoint of Selling

Selling is not a simple process. It takes a complex skill set that includes the ability to: Understand and connect with different personalities Identify problems and present solutions Use persuasion to form opinions and drive decisions Uncover and process...
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