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Bill Gindlesperger

William Gindlesperger
Founder and Chairman

About Bill Gindlesperger

Pioneering a Better Way

eLynxx founder and Chairman Bill Gindlesperger is always thinking of better ways to do things. That’s true whether he’s stalking northern pike on Kasba Lake in Canada, or improving eLynxx software yet again to help print buyers save time and money while getting the best quality direct mail and printed materials.

eLynxx Solutions grew in 1975 from Bill’s idea to combine technology plus his years of print industry expertise to create a better way of print buying. Since then eLynxx Solutions software has helped print buyers manage projects totaling more than $20 billion.

eLynxx software has been customer-driven from the start. The greatest satisfaction for Bill comes from seeing the looks on formerly skeptical clients’ faces when eLynxx delivers savings and quality…exactly as promised.

For instance, he loves “watching a broker organization that is dependent on reselling printing build improved profitability by being able to buy more competitively.”

For over 45 years, Bill has used his expertise in printing, process, procurement and software to help clients improve sales, build efficiencies and increase profitability. “I have consulted for clients of every size and ilk,” he says. “And, I have seen and helped resolve just about every combination of issues that an organization can face.”

Bill got his start in the print industry when as a young man he built and operated a large printing facility. Retiring at age 29, he went on to build a seven-figure consulting business.

A recognized print expert, Bill has had articles published by over 150 trade publications and news organizations. He’s testified before U.S. Senate Committees and has worked with members of the Congress, Senate, governors, trade associations and educational institutions on print management and procurement policy issues.

A graduate of Dickinson College, he’s a member of the board of trustees of Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania and is Governor of the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE) Board of Governors. He’s served numerous community organizations, mentoring teens, supporting the arts and working to create community employment.

A highlight for Bill is his annual fishing expedition to the far north of Canada, where he applies his strategic thinking to reeling in trophy-size fish. Back home, whether he’s pheasant hunting or meeting with clients, his constant companion is his standard red poodle, Copper.

“The most important people in my life are my wife, Maxine, five natural children, foster children and other kids for whom I have taken responsibility,” he says.

What he wishes more print buyers knew about eLynxx
“No one else can or does furnish anything like our software,” he says. “It is easy to use, but very powerful and completely innovative. If print buyers were to take a few minutes to put their hands on the eLynxx software, they would never go back to anything else.”