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Buying Print?

We offer software built for acquiring print, marketing, direct mail and promotional items with the quality, service and price you demand. No matter your industry or the size of your team, our enterprise-ready tools and methodology combine to facilitate savings of 20% to 40%.

Save Time & Money

We help thousands of print buyers. They continue to work with their current print suppliers and yet average 32% cost savings. That amounts to a remarkable $4.9 Billion in savings! Difference is they now use eLynxx software and proprietary buying methodology.

eLynxx Print Buyer’s Suite is an easy to use print management solution. PrintGizmo and PrintLynxx provide improved efficiencies, clear communication and reduced print prices.

Eliminates spreadsheets

Minimizes email dependence

Full vendor management

Quote, bid, contract

Customized reporting

API Integration

PrintGizmo synchronizes ordering and managing web-to-print items with print users, buyers and print suppliers. It provides a catalog of rate-carded items and delivers ecommerce shopping.

Catalog, custom ordering

Marketplace with store-front

Brand control, coordination

Create products, designs

Customize, order, fulfill

Easy HTML 5 design studio

PrintLynxx empowers you to harness complexities of large-scale, highly-customized and critical print projects. It eliminates pain points and allows collaboration with your trusted vendors.

Print marketing, direct mail

Single job, project, campaign

Print management workflow

Connects team members

Custom report builder

Quality, service milestones

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